LG 47LE5510 IR BOARD EBR64966201 LE50_70

Brand: LG 47LE5510
Product Code: EBR64966201 LE50_70
Price: $19.95
  • Manufacturer: LG
  • Model: 47LE5310(Version 47LE5310-TC-AAUWLJD)  
  • Version Number: AAUWLJD
  • Type: IR BOARD 
  • Part Number:  EBR64966201 
  • PCB Number:  LE50_70
  • PCB REV: 
  • PBA REV:
  • Compatible Model: 

  • 32LE5310 (32LE5310-TC.AAUWLJD)
    32LE5510 (32LE5510-TB.AAUDLH)
    32LE5510 (32LE5510-TB.AAUDLJD)
    32LE5510 (32LE5510-TB.AAUWLJD)
    32LE5510 (32LE5510-TB.ANRDLJD)
    32LE7500 (32LE7500-TA.AAUWLJD)
    37LE5310 (37LE5310-TC.AAUWLJD)
    37LE5310 (37LE5310-TC.ANRWLJD)
    37LE5510 (37LE5510-TB.AAUDLH)
    37LE5510 (37LE5510-TB.AAUDLJD)
    37LE5510 (37LE5510-TB.AAUWLJD)
    37LE5510 (37LE5510-TB.ANRDLJD)
    37LE5510 (37LE5510-TB.ANRWLJD)
    37LE7500 (37LE7500-TA.AAUWLJD)
    42LE5310 (42LE5310-TC.AAUWLH)
    42LE5310 (42LE5310-TC.AAUWLJD)
    42LE5310 (42LE5310-TC.ANRWLJD)
    42LE5510 (42LE5510-TB.AAUWLH)
    42LE5510 (42LE5510-TB.AAUWLJD)
    42LE5510 (42LE5510-TB.ANRWLJD)
    42LE7500 (42LE7500-TA.AAUWLJD)
    42LE7500 (42LE7500-TA.ANRWLJD)
    42LX6500 (42LX6500-TD.AAUWLH)
    42LX6500 (42LX6500-TD.ANRWLH)
    47LE5310 (47LE5310-TC.AAUWLJD)
    47LE5310 (47LE5310-TC.ANRWLJD)
    47LE5510 (47LE5510.AAU)
    47LE5510 (47LE5510-TB.AAUWLH)
    47LE5510 (47LE5510-TB.ANRWLJD)
    47LE7500 (47LE7500-TA.AAUWLH)
    47LE7500 (47LE7500-TA.AAUWLJD)
    47LE7500 (47LE7500-TA.ANRWLJD)
    47LX6500 (47LX6500-TD.AAUWLH)
    47LX6500 (47LX6500-TD.ANRWLH)
    55LE5310 (55LE5310-TC.AAUWLH)
    55LE5310 (55LE5310-TC.ANRWLH)
    55LE5510 (55LE5510-TB.AAUWLH)
    55LE5510 (55LE5510-TB.ANRWLH)
    55LE7500 (55LE7500-TA.AAUWLH)
    55LE7500 (55LE7500-TA.ANRWLH)
    55LX6500 (55LX6500-TD.AAUWLH)
    55LX6500 (55LX6500-TD.ANRWLH)
  • Condition: used
  • Condition Description: This part pulled from LG 47LE5310(Version 47LE5310-TC-AAUWLJD)   working TV. The board in good used condition and 100% working.
  • Additional Notes: Please note, this does not guarantee a suitable compatible alternative will be shown, if you don’t understand how to ensure compatibility, please ask us for help
  • Warranty: 7 Days
  • Stock Code: 
  • Comments: Always order by part numbers when feasible, as the identical TV models can use different parts. If you have any questions regarding compatibility please contact support

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