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LG 50UP8000PTB POWER BOARD EAY65895512 EAX69502002 EPCD12CB1B 3PCR02854B LGP50NT-21U1

Brand: LG 50UP8000PTB
Product Code: EAY65895512 EAX69502002 EPCD12CB1B
Price: $79.95
  • Manufacturer: LG
  • Model: Version  50UP8000PTB
  • Version Number: AAUSLJD
  • Part Number: EAY65895512 (EAY65895511)
  • PCB Number: EAX69502002 EPCD12CB1B 3PCR02854B LGP50NT-21U1
  • PCB REV:  
  • PBA REV:
  • Compatible Part: EAY65895511
  • Compatible Model: 
    50UP8000PTB (50UP8000PTB.AAUSLJD)
    50UP8000PTB (50UP8000PTB.AAUYLJD)
  • Condition: used
  • Condition Description: This part pulled from  50UP8000PTB(Version 50UP8000PTB-AAUSLJD)  working TV with cracked screen. The board in good used condition and 100% working.
  • Additional Notes: Please note, this does not guarantee a suitable compatible alternative will be shown, if you don’t understand how to ensure compatibility, please ask us for help
  • Warranty: 7 Days
  • Stock Code: 
  • Comments: Always order by part numbers when feasible, as the identical TV models can use different parts. If you have any questions regarding compatibility please contact support

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